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Product Design Consulting since 1977



Rick Fayram, Founder and Principal Consultant, Fayram Design. IDSA
Rick Fayram has been a designer and consultant since 1977.

Rick Fayrams' extensive design experience ranges from electronics enclosures, consumer products, automotive design, and medical products.  Working for a variety of Bay Area consultancies and corporations developed his ability to execute a wide variety of projects. 

Fayram Design is based on the strength of his ability to efficiently manage and execute aesthetic and mechanical concepts.  He has a long standing reputation for conceptual flexibility, CAD abilities, efficiency, attention to detail, and the capacity to work well with people.

Mr. Fayram has extensive experience working within schedules and budgets.  He has worked on projects resulting in utility patents as well as developing products which have had to avoid existing patents.  He has assisted many clients in the sourcing, evaluation, qualifying and managing of manufacturing vendors.

Professional experience over a period of 27 years has given Rick Fayram a broad understanding of the often contrary requirements of product development, as well as an ability to bring all the elements into proper balance.  He deliberately continues to stay personally involved in mechanical and appearance design details, ensuring that projects are completed to a high standard.

Mr. Fayram has extensive project management experience from initial concept, through production engineering, to manufacturing liaison.



Fayram Design has traditionally worked in concert with Associates to provide extensive expertise to clients.  We have worked in close association with several local development firms for a number of years.

Primary Associates:

Alexander L. Huang, Founder and Principal,  PacifiX Product Development.
Alex Huang has been project manager and principal mechanical engineer on a wide range of technical products for the computer, medical, consumer sports, and industrial markets.

Professional emphasis has been on full cycle design which balances market requirements with design for manufacturability and quality engineering. Engineering work at Hewlett-Packard, Next Computer, and Convergent Technologies continued into the production environment with the development of automated quality testing and production equipment. This has developed an understanding of human factors on the factory floor as well as in the final product.

Over the last 15 years, Mr. Huang successfully managed and executed a wide range of technical products for the computer, medical, consumer, and industrial markets. This has provided a solid base of experience integrating human factors, electronics, optics, fluid systems and mechanisms into compact packages. He specializes in fast track, turn key development of devices for volume manufacture. Many programs included development of assembly automation and other manufacturing systems.

Alex and Rick have worked together on numerous projects since 1994.

Chuck Dewey, Senior Designer and Project Manager, now primarily on-staff at a surgical device company.

Chuck Dewey is an industrial designer with 25 years experience in a variety of project types. 

Previous consulting experience includes operating Dewey Product Solutions, and being a partner in Joly-Major Product Design.  Mr. Dewey was "on staff" at Fayram Design from 1999 thru 2003, where his responsibilities include project management  as well as hands-on design.

Mr. Dewey believes in the importance of aesthetics, and over the last  twenty-five years has worked to combine an emphasis in this area with ergonomics, functionality, reliability, and value.  Mr. Dewey accomplishes this by understanding his customers and how they will use the product.  This process includes formulating target costs, production volumes, goals, market strategy, and resources.

Chuck and Rick have worked together on numerous projects since 1984.



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