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Revision History:
Rev 5, 97-03-15,  Made all 1 big graphic on front, reduced size of later pages

Rev 6, 97-03-16,  Added little things-- text, comments, clipart, to moonlite.  Added All Occasion site

Rev 07, Various  revisions

Rev 08, Deleted stuff with no meaning yet, tried some pfolio pics at 150dpi, made background black.  Kept fussing with details without changing Rev #

Rev 09, Importation into FrontPage; Revising Tables, Added hand-drawn graphics instead of clipart in some places, scanned in better pictures, rewrote some text, changed (for the better) Site Contents to graphic.

Rev 10, 97-12-26 Continued improving & learning Front Page

Rev 11, 98-01-11 Redesigned Site layout

Rev 12, 98-01-12 Bug and typo fixes

Rev 13, 98-01-14 Continued bug fixes and refinements

Rev 14, 98-01-24 Added CacheFlow 1000

Rev 15, 98-01-29 Minor bug fix

Rev 16, Revised people status

Rev 17, 98-06-19 Moved files to new machine (misskitty) at office

Rev 18, 98-08-19 Updated info

Rev 19, 99-02-16 Made logos completely transparent, experimented with blue background on some  pages with new names (name2)

Rev 20, 99-03-29 to 99-05-31 Changed all black backgrounds to blue textural background, saved over previous file.  Removed ZDG references.  Updated Client list.

Rev 21, 1999-12-18  Loaded source data onto portable for easy updating and auto back-up

Rev 22, 2000-07-12 Updated What's New, People, and portfolio pictures.

Rev 23, 2000-10-08 Extensive updates to Whats New & portfolio pages, added lots of projects.

Rev 24, 2001-03-17 Deleted some CFLO text from Whats New.

Rev 25, 2001-04-07 Added 3 Concepts to trueSAN detail pages

rev 26, 2001-05-04 Added ASIX test head by Chuck.

rev 27 2001-05-15 Revamped home page to be more fun, also Clients, & People.

rev 28 2001-08-05 updated many items (especially cars), added Jeff to what's new.

rev 29 2001-09-29 added detail to AIM & linked in Spectral page with individual details.

rev 30 2001-12-17 deleted some old stuff, added detail concepts to Ciena

rev 31 2001-12-18 added (temporary) powerpoint presentation

rev 32 2001-12-21 deleted temp. powerpoint presentation

rev 33 2002-01-07 added better pics of omex & wand clock, fixed many goofy things (site stopped working right, so I cleaned up lots of stuff)

rev 34 2002-04-23 added Rasterops 19" CRT pictures (with ruler)

rev 35 2002-05-09 improved pics/detail pages of PayFax, CardGame 6 player table, Byvideo, New home Page & background color on Home page

rev 36 2002-11-06 changed background colors, new "what's new" & home page, rearranged folders

rev 37 2002-11-11 added more details

rev 38 2002-11-29 added more CFLO & GY02 details.

rev 39 2003-01-28 removed some details, updated various pages.

rev 40 2003-02-12 updated some pix

rev 41 2003-05-28 changed name of "Clients_Served" page was "Clients".

rev 42 2003-06-30 added gameset & updated "whats new", email address changed to" info "at" fayram".

rev 43 2003-08-14 added togetridof stuff as temporary page

rev 43+ 2004-01-02 revised index pg w/ car instead of asix

rev 44 2004-05-07 added dog leash, adjusted "people", deleted asix server, added wincom & bluecoat, add usb concept

rev 45 2004-05-25 chngd email from info to design.information

rev 46 2004-10-30 added medical device to whats new

rev 47 2005-01-17 added link to download of pdf flyer, also added test "spinning product" to evaluate how it works & looks

rev 48 2005-03-13 added Clip, moved doctor-office-device to own dir

rev 49 2006-02-23 deleted bio ref from sci & clinical page