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Project Detail: Aim Internet Computer
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Illustrations of Refined Concepts      


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Web Computer
Finalized Design

Computer Layout
3D Solid Model CAD Layout

The computer is connected via telephone lines to an ISP, viewed on a tv, and controlled via an infared keyboard.

Due to a fast schedule, 3 concepts were developed from myriad hand drawn sketches, rendered into 3D solid CAD, and built as hard form models within one week of inception.

The detail design was also executed in 3D solid CAD.   Working prototypes were made using stereolithography rapid prototyping, then dozens of units were quickly molded from cast urethane for marketing purposes.

The 3D files were transmitted electronically to a remote location injection molder for direct implementation into high quantity steel tooling.   2D paper drawings were then created for quality control purposes.

All refined concepts were personally modeled and illustrated by Rick Fayram.

Fayram Design mechanically and aesthetically designed the enclosure and internal mechanicals in close association with Zeiss Design Group.

Injection molded ABS, internal steel RFI cage.

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