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Bingo Game Handset


Handset for use in electronic Bingo game.



Brita makes water-treatment pitcher systems for consumers. The Filter Replacement Indicator (FRI) visually informs users when the filter is "used-up" and needs changing.

Brita FRI

Web Computer


Computer for dedicated internet access, displays on tv set


Home Arcade

Steering Wheel and Console for control of  computing games


Per4mer Turbo Wheel

Spectral, Inc.

Spectral, Inc.

Hi Fi Audiophile equipment. Numerous designs, all with a family look we developed in 1978 and continue to work with.



Dog leash concept.

Dog Leash

DVRex R3

Canopus R3

Prosumer & event videography real time DV editing station.

A sleek looking front appearance door was designed to dress-out the "techy" look of the rack enclosure contained behind.

American Discovery

Wand Clock with moving LED display which appears to float in thin air


Wand Clock

Silencio Ear Protectors
Ear Protectors


Sound Absorbing Ear Protectors


Trimble Navigation

Water resistant GPS Antenna



Data Phone


Telephone with data communication terminal and light pen


Sports Data Collector

Plastic injection molded pager-sized device is water resistant due to o-ring construction. The casework has integral data transmission contacts molded in


Sports Data

usb Drive Concepts

usb Drive concepts

Several concepts for usb device.


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