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What's New- Recent Projects



A portfolio flyer is now available showing a selection of the projects Fayram Design has created over the years.. You can view & download it from the home page or here. The flyer is 1 page in Acrobat pdf format.


Much of our current work is providing design/development support to both ongoing and new clients. Although we enjoy the long-term projects, we are also actively looking for new opportunities.


Lately, we have been particularly occupied with Medical and Bio-Technical products. Some of our recent projects, although released, are not published on the www, as the clients do not wish the details broadcast.


If you wish to contact us, please click this link for "Company Information" where you will discover phone numbers & a general email address.




Dog Leash 


Cardiva Medical Inc.

This clip is utilized as part of Cardiva's Vascular Closure System to retain their "Boomerang" device in place during it's procedure. (For additional information on the Cardiva system please see the Cardiva Medical web site)

The device is small, about 1.5 inches in length.

The design was developed via a sequence of  hand-sketches, 3D-CAD, SLA-Protos, Injection-molding

The design was developed in close conjunction with John Stiggelbout of Sausalito Design.

Game Charging Rack



usb Drive Concepts

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