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Company Detail: Spectral, Inc.
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Spectral Inc. develops the premier audiophile equipment available. The equipment is produced in limited quantities to a very high standard at prices commensurate with the performance.

Fayram Design began a working relationship with Spectral in 1978, soon after Spectral began. Fayram Design has provided both aesthetic and mechanical design consulting over the years and continues to do so now.

The aesthetic designs hold true to the Spectral style which Fayram Design helped to develop beginning in 1978.

Consistent aesthetic details of Spectral products include thick anodized aluminum bezels, black chassis, black inset control surfaces, careful control of radii and proportions, and jewel-like finishes.

The following is a partial selection of the Spectral designs we've done:

DMA-180 amplifier

The DMA-180 High-Current Reference Amplifier. The DMA-50 amplifier.

DMA-50 amplifier

SDR-1000 SL Remote

The SDR-1000 SL Remote Control. The SDR-1000 SL CD player.

SDR-1000 SL

SDR-3000 Remote

The SDR-3000 Remote control. The SDR-3000  CD player.



The SDR-1000 is a CD player.

DMC-10 Amplifier.



The DMC-20  Amplifier.

The DMA-90  Amplifier.



The DMA-150  Amplifier. The DMA-200 Class A Amplifier.


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