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Company Detail: trueSAN
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The large bezels are all produced by plastic casting process.

The smaller Drive bezels are plastic injection molded.

The design was developed via hand-drawn concept sketches, refined with computer graphic 2D illustrations, and CAD modeled in SolidWorks.

Prototypes were constructed using Stereolithography process. Prototypes were ready for use on show models within 6 weeks of beginning the project.

The bezel designs feature a complex sculptural sweep, highlighting trueSAN's company id color with internal lighting effects.

Full air venting is provided so that the electronic equipment will remain cool.

The large bezels are hinged for easy access to the electronics.

Fayram Design developed a company identity style and applied it to multiple products.

Click for a look at aesthetic concept development: 

1)Initial "rough" Concepts

2)Refined Concepts.

trueSAN previously used off-the-shelf equipment to run their SAN (Storage Area Network) system; and felt that it didn't provide an appearance consistent with their corporate quality.

Fayram Design developed a consistent appearance theme and applied it to 4 different units:

-2U (3.5 inch) tall bezel 

-4U (7 inch) tall bezel

-7U (12.25  inch) tall bezel

-Hard Drive array bezels

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