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CacheFlow Servers


We designed the appearance and mechanicals for  CacheFlow's first 6 products, including the Models 100, 500, 3000, 5000, and 6000. 

 The designs were detailed fully in 3D CAD solids and 2D control documents for effective communication with manufacturing vendors.


The CIENA CoreDirector™ optical core switch provides up to 640 Gbps full duplex switching in a single bay. It provides non-stop carrier-class availability.


Fayram Design developed the appearance of the unit to imply a sense of power, robustness, and sophistication while not interfering with any of it's functional aspects.

Core Director

Large Server



A large 9 slot server. 

Cooling and FCC RFI issues were solved by Fayram Design.

Fayram Design created the appearance and mechanicals for all Wincom units.

Fabricated of sheet steel.


This is a server to secure and accelerate the web.

This 2U tall enclosure was fully defined in 3D CAD.

Fayram Design created its thermal, RFI, and mechanical solutions.

Fabricated of Sheet Steel.

2U Server

Sylantro 4 port


Small enclosure for Sylantros communication applications. Designed to be fabricated using folded-plastic sheet methology for cost effective low-quantity production volumes.

No paint required.



Enclosure for Sylantros communication applications. Designed primarily for cost-effective low volume production.


Sheet aluminum construction.



trueSAN appearance


trueSAN makes Storage Network Systems which provide scalable, secure, accessible, and robust storage for networks.

Fayram Design developed and implemented a corporate "look".

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The TSS-100 provides a precise source of time for network time synchronization.

Fayram Design developed the enclosure for cost-effective low to medium volume production.

TSS-100 Rack Mount

Dynarc 50


The Dynarc 50 is a high-speed  router for optical networks.

Fayram Design developed the enclosure to control multi-GHz frequencies and to hold 6 full size PCI cards in a 2U case.


(was previously CacheFlow)

Fayram Design provided development support on internal mechanical and thermal issues.




ZX-250 ATM Switch

Cabletron Systems

ATM LAN Switch with front option cards, and rear dual hot swappable power supplies

Crescendo (Cisco)

Mechanical design of plastic dress panels for FDDI Concentrator


Cable Connectors


A series of cable connectors for linking potable computers to networks

Telco Systems

Mechanical design and aesthetic design of 19 Inch Rack Mount Card Cage, with removable power modules.

Telco Card Cage

David Systems
David Systems

David Systems

Mechanical design of 19 Inch Rack Mount Card Cage

Kalpana (Cisco)

16 Port Ethernet Stackable Switch with expansion modules


ProStack 16

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