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Project Detail: Glyko Imager
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SE-2000 Imager
Production Imager

Imager Layout
2D CAD Layout

Internal Detail


Sketch Concepts

This instrument contains a digital camera for image recording gel slides.  The image is displayed and analyzed on a PC computer system.

The instrument also contains a roller mounted gel slide holder mechanism, 2 axis mirror alignment system, and externally controlled rotating optical filters.  These mechanical components were all custom designed by Fayram Design for this application.

Appearance concepts were developed with hand drawn sketches, with reality assured by 2D CAD conceptual component layout studies.

Next, a full 2D CAD layout was engineered with all mechanical components clearly detailed for review and discussion.  Part drawings were detailed based on the exacting layout.  As always, Fayram Design drew and dimensioned all part details with "dead-on" accuracy.

Fayram Design sourced the vendors to construct prototype models as well as production part manufacturers.

This Imager entered production in late 1993, and a refined unit was still in production as of early 2002.

Cold rolled steel housing with cast bezel and slide tray.

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